Objective Perspective

There's been a lot of change recently, both good and bad. I've had to say goodbye to quite a few close friends, the consequences of the EU referendum are hanging over everyone's heads, London Pride was this past weekend and other personal changes are occurring. It's in times like these that I start to realize the importance of having one another for support. No one can go it alone.

Those rare glimpses we get to look at reality and ourselves objectively (or what at least feels closest to it) are so fleeting, but so important. It's in these moments that I feel a deep sense of connection to the world around me and the love and compassion that is always there to share with one another. It sounds so cliché, but only with this love can we further the cooperation between one another and improve the state of our world.

I am part of a younger and what I like to think is a more open generation of people. It is a mistake to think that the older generation will dictate our future for us. We can and must stand up for what it is we believe in and convince those around us, older or otherwise of those beliefs in order to implement positive change. As Norman Lear said in this inspiring TED TALK, we can all strive to be the "peer of whomever [we] are talking to."

Although it may feel so much of the time like we're isolated within our own heads and our own thoughts, we are never alone. It is vital to human survival to reach out for help from other people around us and return that help back when the opportunity arises. Empathy is the greatest emotion gifted to man. As the most intelligent species to have graced the earth thus far, we must also become mindful of our intelligence and use it responsibly. The marriage of science, technology, culture and religion is more than possible - it's necessary and can be done so to better the world around us. Love thyself, love thy neighbour, love thy planet and as Mahatma Ghandi has so famously said, "be the change you wish to see in the world."