London Calls!

Well hey there,

It's been a while since I've put a fresh post together, but it's only because things have been so busy since I got back into London town. After a family wedding, starting a new job and house hunting like crazy, I can happily say that I'm moving into a great new place this Wednesday and will feel much more settled again.

On the music front, I've jumped right back into the swing of things with a few open mics and shows, and it's been awesome reuniting with old music friends and spaces. Take these two lovely ladies for example. Nothing makes me happier than singing with the two of them. The video below was from a gig last Friday at Canalside Bar in Camden.

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While back home in Vancouver, I had a lot of time to reassess and process what I'm pursuing at the moment including the direction I want music to take me (perhaps a bit too much time :P). I'm very happy to be back in the game and UK again. Sometimes we get thrown off course a little bit and may question ourselves and our passions, but without darkness there would be no light and vice versa.

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I can’t wait to get back into the studio next week and finish off my new Chasing Dreams EP with good old producer Joe Grouse. Oh and I almost forgot to mention that I’ve released a new music video for the title track. Big props to my mate Rodrigo for filming and putting it together. He’s a talented fella!

There’s only 17 more days remaining to donate towards my Indiegogo Campaign raising funds for the recording and release of the EP. If you fancy helping a brother out, please follow the hyperlink. There’s all sorts of perks going (including a naked busk) and I can’t emphasize enough how grateful I am to those of you that have donated.

Here’s to a prosperous following few weeks and months in London!

CR x