Searchlight Follow Up

Thanks so much to everyone that voted and supported me during CBC Music's #Searchlight competition. Unfortunately I didn't make it through to the next round, but there's still lots of great Canadian talent out there to check out! Shout out to Jen Miller, Lovecoast, Cat Thomson, Kristie McCracken, Chersea, Ivory Hours, Buckman Coe, Little India and more! Best of luck guys!

Next Show: The Workshop on Wednesday, 29th of April at 7:30pm.

My lovely friend Roshni and I have been jamming some tunes together recently. Here's a sample of a new song called 'Chasing Dreams' that we'll be performing tomorrow night at Inspiral Open Mic in Camden. :)

Bedroom jams with @childoflove. We'll be singing together tomorrow night at @inspiralled :)

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