Changing of the leaves

It's been too long since I've posted an update online so here goes! I'm currently sitting on my sofa listening to Ben Howard looking into my back garden and appreciating the changing of the leaves. It's officially Autumn (or for my Canadian friends, Fall :P) and I love it.

As I think most of you now know, I've been busy recording a new EP, which is now in the final process of getting mastered. I CANNOT WAIT to get four polished and shiny new tunes in my hands. In terms of sound, I like to think this new EP has a bit more of an edgy London feel to it - It's a bit more experimental and mature this time around, but still maintains the melodious atmosphere created in my first EP. I may even branch into drum samples and electronic sounds a tiny bit! Unfortunately it won't be released until the new year, but it's all for good reason. I'm working with a PR company to push the EP in hopes that I can get a bit more traction this time around. You'll start seeing some hype building over the next couple months in anticipation of its release!

In other news, gigging has been great and I've been playing all over London, trying out new places and meeting new people. My good friend Jen has been singing back ups on the odd occasion and we have a lot of fun together up on stage. Here's the two of us last night at The Good Ship in Kilburn.

If you'd like to come to a live performance sometime soon please check out my upcoming gigs on my shows page HERE. The next one is on the 4th of November at The Bedroom Bar in Shoreditch, it's bound to be good fun plus it's FREE entry! Here's Jen and myself singing there a couple weeks back :)

I've been listening to and rediscovering a lot of music that first inspired me to start writing and gigging in the first place. Here's a bit of Dispatch to brighten up your day.

Talk soon!

CR x