I'm very excited to announce my debut London gig at The Islington (1 Tolpuddle Street) on the 18th of December at 7:30pm. This is also a big show for a great company called Gigiti. They're a new start up - an online service that helps artists and venues book gigs and connect with new audience members. For more information check out their temporary site here.

They even wrote some very kind words about my EP here

"Roff’s voice demonstrates remarkable flexibility alternating from heartfelt fragility to soaring refrains".

"The single from the EP ‘Summer Daze’ rounds out the recording with a simple yet devastatingly effective chorus that has been wedged in my head for days".

Come support Gigiti, the other artists and myself for only £7 and a solid night of music. The Facebook event page with all the details can be found here

Hope to see you there London folk!

CR x