London Update #1

Hello all,

First off, I apologize for not updating you sooner, but I've been busy settling in and finding my feet in the big city.

May I just say, I love London.

Yes it's crazy busy, very expensive and ever expanding, but it's also full of opportunity and inspiring in ways I could not have realized until moving here.

I've been getting my feet wet in the music scene - playing open mics, emailing venues and building as many contacts as possible. Gigs have just begun rolling in and I'm only getting started on playing as much as possible. I've even tried busking in random tunnels as seen in the picture above at Shoreditch High Street station (Click HERE to see the full gallery of pictures snapped by some talented photographers in the same area).

Short clip from the #openmic at @SpiceOfLifeSoho last week. Sweet little spot :) #SummerDaze

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In case you missed it, I also released a brand new demo track recorded a couple months back with Justin Brown at Vogville Studios while still in Vancouver. Please feel free to leave your thoughts on it in the comments box below. I've been experimenting with more simple acoustic based sounds lately. Keep an ear and eye out for a new EP in the new year!

More details regarding upcoming shows to follow shortly. I'm so excited for what's yet to come!

Signing off for now,



P.S. Fun Fact!

Apparently British/Canadian hybrid accents are interpreted as Irish once they return to the motherland, hence why my flat mates have resorted to calling me CanIrish (Canadian Irish)... Brilliant.