Indiegogo Contest Round 2!

Hey friends! You may have noticed, there's only 6 days remaining on my Indiegogo Campaign raising funds for my debut EP I'm in the midst of recording with Winston Hauschild at Fader Mountain right now.

I've just released a REFERRAL CONTEST happening right now for the final days of the campaign. Two free EPIC PACKAGES (see Perks on the campaign page) will be awarded. One to the fan that refers the most amount of funders to my campaign AND the other to the person that helps to raise the most amount of contributions. **Just make sure you're logged in to your account on BEFORE sharing the campaign page through your social media platforms, otherwise it won't be registered. Cheers and best of luck! Thank you for the support!

I'll be posting updates on who's in the lead each day until the contest closes. Click on the campaign page and watch the video below for all details on the project.