White Water

This past weekend I had the AWESOME opportunity to not only play a solo show in a beautiful location in British Columbia, but go white water rafting at REO Rafting Resort. If you haven't experienced raging waters before, I highly recommend it. It's definitely thrilling to say the least (Below is a clear example of the fun I had) and REO is the place to do it.

They have a lot to offer from "Glamping" in luxurious beds under large tents to your standard camping, delicious food, a cool entertainment stage, hot tub, showers, kayaking, cliff jumping, white water rafting and so much more. The only way to properly experience it though is to check it out - so please GO! There's a very cool songwriting festival coming up this weekend called REO Fest 2013 with great acts like Greg Drummond performing live - the perfect time to check out REO!

Thanks for the great trip fellas and a special shout out to Nick Sol and Brian for inviting me come play and enjoy the place.

Reo Rafting