Nimbus Graduate

After six months of the best school experience I've had, I graduated from the Nimbus School of Recording Arts Music Business program. During my time there, I learned more than I could have imagined from my teachers Keith Parry and Jenn Barker, the other students, teachers and every person I connected with since joining the Nimbus Family. Calling this place "school" does not paint a realistic enough picture of what Nimbus offers its students, because 100% of everything you do and learn is applicable to real life. Those of you looking to get involved in the music industry in any way possible, I highly recommend Nimbus. I don't think there's another place in Canada, dare I say North America, that can offer better training. Check out their website here.

Last night everyone came together to celebrate the graduation of those that successfully completed the program they were in, whether Music Business or AMP (Advanced Music Production) at The Media Club. Every year, Gold Record Awards are handed out to the most outstanding student in each class. I unfortunately couldn't be there until later that night, but when I arrived I was stoked to receive a Gold Record from both my teacher Keith Parry and Nimbus co-founder Garth Richardson. Beer in hand, I clearly couldn't be happier :P. Cheers to you Nimbus!