The Kombi Tracks

I had great fun being a part of The Kombi Tracks. A very cool experience driving around in the old Volkswagen vehicle playing one of my newer songs "Climbing This Mountain". I hope you like it. Please feel free to share it and spread the joy of the Kombi. All other musicians out there, if you want to be a part of this new Vancouver experience, give them a shout!

“If you just heard Connor Roff sing you might not realize the full impact of the 7 years spent growing up in the UK. His singing voice carries a soft, comforting hint of an accent that you could only peg as British when he speaks. Don’t let Connor’s laid back disposition mislead you; there is an undeniable passion that comes across with his music. He is a young artist with a heart for music and an exciting career before him, we were happy to have his early days captured in the Kombi.” – The Kombi Tracks