Edmonton (March 8th - March 12th)

Despite it incessantly being known as "Deadmonton", I've had a pretty wild time here. I've met lots of people, seen a few shows, played my own show (and open mic), and slipped my way around this cold, snowy, yet sunny city.

These are some highlights:

1) You're always walking on thin ice.

2) Napping is a useful tool, but gives me crazy dreams. - After arriving Friday morning bright and early and only getting a few nights sleep the night before, I decided to nap consistently throughout the day before my show.

3) "Show me your tits!" - I experienced my first drunk heckler at my show on Friday night at Cha Island Tea Co. It was a great place, filled with plastic palm trees and surf boards. Kind of like a Caribbean nightmare, but in the best way possible. Thank you to all that came out and supported, I've met some of my best fans yet!

4) The sun doesn't stop shining. (Take that Vancouver!)

5) Playing lap guitar in corduroy pants is a BAD idea. Even more slippery than the ice here!

Edmonton Sidewalk Surfing

Edmonton Sidewalk Surfing


Great pic taken by Tyler Sirman at Cha Island. Thanks Tyler!