Pushing for the Perfect Poop

From the seminar - Bob, Alice, Chad, Garth

From the seminar - Bob, Alice, Chad, Garth

I found these notes on my phone I jotted down from a music business mentorship seminar way back when with the legendary Alice Cooper and Bob Ezrin. Below is some key (and also pretty legendary) advice the pair of them had to say:

- Alice cooper: "I'm a techno tart."

- Keep listening to the Beatles.

- Social media kills creativity.

- Stop playing the phone, play your guitar!

- Viral videos aren't always good, because you need to keep it up. Gotta get good so practice practice practice!

- Writing a good song is like having the perfect poop!

- What happened to that sense of rebellion in music? We need rebellion again!

Some food for thought for you all. I'll be working on that perfect poop.