Facebook Doesn't Make You Famous

Technology today has made musicians lazy. What happened to practicing hours on end every day? Like The Beatles who played in clubs in Hamburg night after night sometimes up to 8 hours at a time, or Jimi Hendrix who brought a guitar with him wherever he went, even to the bathroom! There's a reason we keep going back to the classics and won't ever forget about them throughout the history of music. Not just musicians though, technology today has made people lazy in general. Work ethic and a sense of satisfaction is lacking. But here's the truth. Facebook doesn't make you famous, it's raw talent, and where does that come from? PRACTICE. So whatever your passion may be - music, writing, painting, acting, laboratory research, the environment, pole dancing, bartending, playing sports - stop talking about it online and just get out there and do it, ALL THE TIME, as much as you can, because it's getting that good at something that will put you on the map.

And with that I'll leave you with a clip of one of the most revolutionary guitarists of our time: