Indiegogo is done and "Perks" will eventually come

Well that's it! My Indiegogo Campaign is complete and what a success it was! I'm very grateful to all of you that contributed and shared the campaign page. We reached my goal and I promise you all the contributions will be put to very good use, so thank you.

Congratulations Jamie Card for winning the Referral Contest and sending the most amount of traffic to my campaign page! An Epic Package will be sent your way in return to say thank you :)

In terms of the album making process, the recording is done and it's on it's way to the mixing/mastering station! I've started thinking about album cover and artwork designs (your own suggestions and submissions are more than welcome). The scheduling of an EP release party and tour is also underway and there will be a single released prior to the album. Maybe a music video too...

Stay tuned for updates and don't worry your "Perks" will not be forgotten. As soon as everything is manufactured, it will be shipped and sent your way. I can't wait for you and myself to hear the final product.

Signing off for now,
- CR x